Jumbo Car Costa Rica: what are the things to consider when hiring a 4X4 vehicle ?

Costa Rica cities have very good roads where you can easily drive using small cars like sedans and Hyundai. However, if you are moving to a certain area where there are hills, beaches and volcanos, you need a very powerful 4WD car. Jumbo cars have an array of these reliable 4X4 cars which you can lease at good rates.

Why is getting a 4X4 car from Jumbo Car important?

The 4X4 cars are known to withstand any terrains in the city. They can easily pass through any bad roads without any problems. These SUVs are great for camping, and are very spacious.

Also, when considering safety, these 4×4 cars like Prado, Ford explorer and Toyota land cruisers are a good choice. You can rest assured that in the event of accidents, you and other occupants will be safe. If you need top 4X4, visit https://en.jumbocar-costarica.com/costa-rica-car-hire/4×4-suv/ to lease some great models.

Moreover, 4×4 car hire has become synonymous with comfort and convenience. If you don’t want to be stressed, these cars have proven to be the best because of their gnarly tired and excellent suspension systems.

Rainy seasons in Costa Rica, especially for those who stay around Upala and Lake Arena, can be messy. Only a strong and durable vehicle like the 4×4 wheel car can help you. When the roads are wet and slippery, these cars promise to brace through all challenges.

4×4 Car hire insurance in Costa Rica

The roads in Costa Rica can indeed be messy and rough, especially from July through September. To avoid problems with cars or accidents using a 4×4 car, and insurance is recommended.

While most four-wheeled cars in the country have a Collision Damage Waiver, this should not be equated with instances. Comprehensive insurance is ideal when you want to use four wheels drive in the country and it covers up to $1,500-$5000 worth of damages.

You should consider talking with your car hire service about the insurance that comes with the vehicle and how you can contact a reliable insurance firm around the city.

Tips for hiring a 4×4 car in Costa Rica

When using a four-wheel-drive vehicle in Costa Rica, you should be careful about your immediate surroundings. Always endeavor to lock your car and avoid leaving any valuable inside the car. While many 4×4 cars come with a security system, some don’t.

In Costa Rica, right of way doesn’t usually apply, so even if you politely wait for pedestrians to pass, you might be hit from behind. While your four-wheel dirge car is strong, you wouldn’t want to be hit by a truck? Will you?

In Addition, ensure you learn about the car rental firm you wish to hire your car from. While many online reviews are true, there are some which aren’t. You should learn to differentiate between genuine complaints, and customers nagging. Irrespective of the reviews online, choose the one with the least negative compliance.

Don’t forget, there are many 4×4 wheels drive to hire, you will have to choose the one you can operate and afford. You could consider Audi Quattro, Alfa Romero, Toyota land cruiser, Mercedes 4Matic and Lexus E-series.

Using a 4×4 car from Jumbo Car in Costa Rica is your best choice when in the country. This vehicle can withstand the rigors of the road and is great for rainy seasons.