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Head Kits for Harley-Davidson® Twin Cam® Engines

Head Kits for Twin Cam
When Delkron decided to manufacture cylinder heads we felt that there was no added cost in casting a “good port”, versus “machined ports” where there is a lot of additional cost. So our cylinder head flow engineers applied this theory and our ideas to develop a redesigned intake and exhaust port that gives us a much improved flowing head within the confines of a near stock exterior. This produced a much more efficient head to be used on the Harley-Davidson® Twin Cam® engine. Delkron's 2-Cam heads are made from 20% stronger permanent mold castings and machined for highest possible quality. They have manganese bronze valve guides, nitrided stainless 2.02" intake valves and 1.610" exhaust valves with increased port diameters for improved flow that is only found on professionally hand ported performance heads. Upgraded springs and collars will accommodate up to .640" total lift making these heads a dream come true for performance upgrades or top aftermarket bike builders.

NEW! 95cc CNC’d Combustion Chambers! We have brought our cylinder heads to another level. By performing our patent pending CNC procedure on our already proven cylinder heads we have improved combustion through increased laminar flow. We ensure exact dimensioning and reliable repeatability, with the added benefit of increased horsepower and torque. Throughout our testing we were able to achieve a 4% horsepower and a 6% torque increase simply by changing the combustion chamber! These heads use the same components as our “as cast” heads.

NOTE: All testing was performed on our Land & Sea eddy current dyno using our Delkron 107” kit with Red Shift 577 cams, Twin Tec Ignition, and S&S G carb in a 2000 FLHTC. Before head change HP=99.79 @ 5300 rpm and Torque=121.05 @ 3900 rpm. After only a cylinder head change, HP=103.5 @ 4900 rpm and Torque=128.25 @ 3600 rpm.

Technical Specs
Delkron 2-Cam heads readily bolt on all stock components with the exception of the stock manifold because of the larger intake ports. A larger flange type intake manifold is supplied with the heads on Carb model kits. (an adapter is necessary for Lectron/ Mikuni type carbs). The head kit comes assembled with seats, valves, springs, collars, retainers, and guides; also included are the intake manifold "carb models only", manifold seals and head gaskets (base and rocker box gaskets not included, shown for illustration purposes only). These heads are machined for compression releases (shown in picture for illustration purposes only), compression releases are available at additional cost.

NOTE* Our heads can be used on late model 96” Harley Davidson engines with 4.375 stroke, but for 2008 and later Touring Models use part number with -8 suffix. These heads are machined to accept the front motor mount.

*NOTE* All Delkron heads are machined to accept 2006 & later Universal intake flanges. The earlier front & rear flange will not allow for proper intake alignment. Kit supplied with Cometic Gaskets. **All Delkron heads require the stock rocker box to be modified for the breather channel or the use of Delkron rocker boxes.

Available Finishes


Links (PDF Format)

Delkron Head Kits for Harley-Davidson® Twin Cam® Engines
D3050 3.875" Natural $1,616.44
D3050-8 3.875" Natural $1,616.44
D3050-8CNC 3.875" Natural CNC'd $1,736.44
D3050CNC 3.875" Natural CNC'd $1,736.44
D3051 3.875" Black $1,646.44
D3051-8 3.875" Black $1,646.44
D3051-8CNC 3.875" Black CNC'd $1,766.44
D3051CNC 3.875" Black CNC'd $1,766.44
D3066-8 3.937" Black $1,766.44
D3067-8 3.937" Natural $1,616.44
D3052 4" Natural $1,616.44
D3052-8 4" Natural $1,616.44
D3052-8CNC 4" Natural CNC'd $1,736.44
D3052CNC 4" Natural CNC'd $1,736.44
D3053 4" Black $1,646.44
D3053-8 4" Black $1,646.44
D3053-8CNC 4" Black CNC'd $1,766.44
D3053CNC 4" Black CNC'd $1,766.44
D3054 4.125" Natural $1,616.44
D3054-8 4.125" Natural $1,616.44
D3054-8CNC 4.125" Natural $1,616.44
D3054CNC 4.125" Natural CNC'd $1,736.44
D3055 4.125" Black $1,646.44
D3055-8 4.125" Black $1,646.44
D3055-8CNC 4.125" Black $1,766.44
D3055CNC 4.125" Black CNC'd $1,766.44

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