Choosing Between the BMW x6 or the Land Rover Defender V8


Who does not love to drive an SUV or who does not dream of owning an SUV? Driving SUVs are thrilling and obviously stylish. However, choosing among all the amazing SUVs available on the market can be challenging. But do not worry because you are at the right place. Below is a review of the BMW x6 and the Land Rover Defender V8, that can help you choose between these two amazing beasts. 



The BMW X6


The Body

Indeed, the body of the BMW X6 has an upper hand over any of its competitors. The well-sculpted body is highly attractive to any age group. 

The Engine

Boasting a twin power turbo engine of 6 cylinders, the BMW X6 will roar on the street. With a displacement of 2998cc which goes at a maximum torque of 6500rpm, speed lovers will love this vehicle. Moreover, the BMW X6 can show off its beast power for up to 250kmph.

Handling and Braking System.

The handling and braking system are two features to consider for lightning-quick vehicles such as the BMW X6. There is no disappointment in these two departments as the SUV offers splendid handling even at a very high speed. Both the front and rear braking system includes a ventilated disc.

Land Rover Defender V8

The Body

The body of the Land Rover Defender is not far behind the BMW X6 in terms of look and style. The sculpture of this vehicle brings a robust look to the Defender V8. The design of the Land Rover is attractive to both youngsters and adults.

The Engine

The amazing Land Rover Defender V8 runs with a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 engine. With a top speed of 149 mph and reaching 62mph in merely five seconds, this SUV is highly considerable.

Handling and Braking System

Similarly to the BMW X6, the Land Rover Defenders comes with amazing handling and braking system.