Reasons why you need to rent a 4X4 wheel drive in costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a beautiful country filled with lots of amazing landscapes that you should explore, however, not all the beautiful scenes can be discovered using cars. We all know that many destinations for tourists can easily be reached by car but those who wish to explore the unique scenes only found in this beautiful country are required to rent a four-wheel-drive or SUV vehicle. This article is five valid reasons why you need to hire a 4X4 in Costa Rica.

1. For your safety.

Over the past years, road accidents have increasingly been on the rise since they can happen anywhere and anytime especially when driving along a muddy road. If these misfortunes occur, you’d sure want to have maximum protection that can only be provided by an SUV. Inside the big vehicle, extra horsepower and big fancy airbags tend to leave a sense of invincibility in you leaving you with no other choice but to remember that driving off-road is very dangerous and illegal.

2. The roads.

In San Jose, roads tend to be very paved and smooth but as you continue going, you get to experience a ride full of bumpy roads. Poor infrastructure has always been a problem affecting the country as a whole and you equipping yourself with higher clearance and the extra spaces required, will surely make a difference. The most suitable way for you to ensure you don’t receive limitations is by considering to hire 4X4 in Costa Rica.


3. Very convenient and comfortable.

People who love adventure and would like to move away from the big cities heading to check out the surf towns like the famous Dominical and Puerto Viejo or visiting the fine beach at Manuel Antonio, you will require plenty of space to carry all your luggage for your fun adventure. A four-wheel drive has maximum space to store your luggage including mountain bikes, coolers, surfboards and on top of that, you still get to enjoy a comfortable space large enough for you to take a nap. Always remember the extra space is not meant for one person but for a group, large enough to allow stretching out.

4. Floods and rainy seasons.

Driving on paved and smooth roads in heavy weather especially during October to December, people experience floods and mudslides but the good news is an SUV can handle the pressure easily guarantying a safe arrival to your destination. What to understand is, even though a four-wheel save you in almost every situation it can never help you cross a river, never think of trying it.

5. Saves your money.

Some trips in this country may last for many hours thus consuming more gas which adds an extra budget on more gas making the whole tour expensive. Many people tend to hire small cars thinking that it is more economical however, what they don’t know is that it always ends up with a higher cost for your budget. During the rainy periods, some quick and easy routes tend to become more challenging to pass and might even lead to damaging your car. This forces the small vehicles to use the long diversions, instead of using a bigger vehicle that keeps going despite the weather. Keep in mind that big cars with bigger engines are used more efficiently on long distances than small cars saving your money twice as much as you would have used on a small car.

Final thoughts.

Costa Rica is a nice place to visit and tour around as it contains many beautiful scenes. Renting four-wheel guarantees a safe and exciting trip to the destination of your choice not minding the weather. Hiring a 4×4 in Costa Rica has a good number of advantages which includes;
• Guarantees a safe trip to the location of your choice.
• Navigates through all roads.
• Has a large and comfortable space perfect for adventure.
• It is never affected by the weather.
• Saves you a lot of money compared to renting a small car.