How to Upgrade Your Car Interior and Exterior Look


Driving the same car for an extended period is quite dull. That does not mean that you have to sell your car, especially if you love it and have a low budget. Upgrading your car will bring back the love for your car and the much-needed comfort. However, upgrading a car can be a baffling issue since there are many changes that you can make. Below is a list of advice on how to upgrade your car interior and exterior look.



Upgrading Your Car Exterior Look


Offer Your Car a Fresh Paint or Wrapping

With time the paint of your car’s body is affected by the sun and rain. Considering to offer your car a fresh paint will bring back the shiny effect. For a total upgrade, it is advisable to change the colour of your vehicle. For instance, if your vehicle was a dull white, opting for a pearl blue will be highly attractive. On the other hand wrapping, a car is trending for the time being. Therefore, why not wrap your car in gold.

Consider Swapping to Alloy Wheel

Getting rid of the traditional wheels to a set of alloy wheels will upgrade the look instantly.

Installing Body Kits to Change the Complete Look

If you wish to upgrade your car to the next level, installing body kits is the ultimate solution. Body kits will completely change the look and make it unrecognisable.

Upgrading Your Car Interior Look

Re-Cover Your Seats or Use Seat Covers

With time the seats of a car are subject to tear and wear. Therefore to enjoy the comfort of your seats again, it is wise to recover them with a different cloth or use ready-made seat covers. 

Implement Ambience Led Lights

If you are a night rider, implementing ambience led lights is a must. This will offer you enjoyable rides.